6 Ways To Look For A Perfect Survival Knife

To own a knife comes with great responsibility. So, this means that any forms and types of knife that you desired to collect must be decided with good intention. You may never know when a disaster can occur and having to be prepared is something that you need to do. However, no one knows when all these things can happen. This reason getting fully equipped is a goal in terms of survival costs. One of the important items that you must fulfil is to have a survival knife. Did you know that it comes very handy? Yes and finding the perfect survival knife is a choice for you to make.

Basically, a perfect survival knife, works the same with other types of knives that you use. It also does cutting, slicing, self defence, splitting, fire making, food preparation, first aid tool, hunting and a lot more. Aside from all these, it is important that you know what you are looking for such as the quality of the knife and you must also understand the purpose of the knife. Here are the following features that you’ll need to assess prior to buying a survival knife.

  1. The size- perhaps, you are wondering if size does matter. Well, the answer is yes it does matter. If you want to do a task using a survival knife, should you consider your comfort and convenience? Keep in mind that using a bigger knife is not always a choice and if it is too big you can’t basically perform any simple tasks. Although, you can do a bigger task such as chopping if you are using a small survival knife.


  1. Having a fix blade- did you know that fix blades are more convenient compared to a folding blades? In most survival situation, it is durable to use a fix blade because it can meet the demands if you want to survive. Therefore, if you want to be sure of your survival needs make sure to choose theperfect survival knife.


  1. Selecting a full tang- compared to other knives that you can use, the full tang is technically one of the best survival knives that you can use. Compared to a partial tang it can however easily loosen and at the same time develop a kind of play in the handle. Keep in mind that if this is loosened its grip, the knife is no longer as functional. This is why; a full tang is preferred by most people.


  1. Pointed sharp knife- perhaps, you have noticed that there are some survival knives that have angled, hooked, rounded or a straight cut blades. Despite the many discussion among knife enthusiast regarding a pointed knife compels for many reasons which includes self defence as a means of survival situation.

Therefore, a perfect survival knife depends on how you are using it and the purpose of the knife. This requires certain skills in order for you to fully experience a knife whilst surviving in the wilderness.

Posted by Sylvia Sullivan