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Several options are available in order to reach this famous community, made entirely by professional artists and a few young and eager to learn music singers. Due to its worldwide recognition, has become one of the most important websites in terms of young artist’s publication works and it is constantly visited by over 100,000 people each month.

Newsletter Subscription Progress

The easiest way to reach the Keyboards on Fire society is to access their online platform and subscribe to their newsletter. By doing this, you will receive weekly typed emails about the latest news and the current video games that are under development inside the company. Also, you will receive the Standard member status within the community and you will be able to get into the discussions of the professional community’s VIP members, share your opinion about the discussed topic and maybe, propose improvements to be done on the online platform.

To join their newsletter group, you simply have to write your email address to the newsletter subscription form and click the Submit button from bellow the page. A verification email will be sent to your written address and you just have to click the verification link, in order to activate your profile. All this done, you are all set to go and talk about the modern issues of the music and video games industry.

Mobile Application Installing

In order to keep their members updated with the latest improvements of technology, Keyboards on Fire has created and released a mobile solution, through which its users can communicate and promote their modern ideas directly from their mobile devices.

The Keyboard on Fire application can be found at the local store of each mobile software provide, iOS, Android and Windows Phone, and it can be downloaded and installed for free and without any credentials to be inserted.

Constructive Seminaries

To be sure that your voice and ideas are heard by all the community’s members, you are encouraged to participate to their monthly seminaries, held in countries and cities from all around the world. The participation at them is based on registration tickets that can be bought from the online platform

At the seminary, you are requested to make a PowerPoint presentation about your topic to be discussed and you will be presenting it in front of at least 1,000 people, so come prepared and stay positive about the results.

In order to find out about the scheduled actions and seminaries planned by the board of directors, you will receive updated on your weekly newsletter or on your mobile application, informing you about their location, ticket price, date and time.