Enhance Your Keyboard Playing Skills: Get Affordable drones under $100

In this article, we will be sharing our list of the best drones under $100 in 2017.

Amazing progress has been made in drone technology in recent times, as these flying machines have evolved quickly into tools for creating and enjoying new experiences and this applies to the recreational models as well. A large number of the quadcopters on this list come equipped with high-end cameras,first person view (FPV) abilities, and so much more.

Here we’ve rounded up the best drones so you can carefully look through them.

  1. Cheerson CX-10

This is a fun, fast and durable drone that is highly recommended.

It is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand as it has a size of 4.2cm x 4.2cm x 2cm, so it’s better suited for indoor use but it can also handle outdoor use as it is agile enough torip through the air with ease due to its 3-speed levels.

The CX-10 is capable of performing 360-degree flips in every direction and you can purchase prop guards so you can fly without the fear of crashing. It is an excellent starter drone considering its affordable price with all its interesting features for flight.

  1. GoolRC T10 Nano

The GoolRC is one of the smallest of its kind and has a very affordable market price with several exciting features.

Most importantly, its little size means it can be used for indoor flight with no issues. It comes equipped with a headless mode which aids the user as the quadcopter will fly regardless of its position making it easier to control and with a one key return function, the drone will be back automatically.

This drone has a two-speed setting and a built-in 6 axis gyroscope enabling it to implement various flight movements as well as 360-degree flips in any direction.

  1. EACHINE E010 Mini

This is an amazing mini-drone.

It costs less than $20 and is one of the least expensive drones under $100. It also has built-in propeller guards which protect it from crashes making it very useful for beginners.

The E010 also comes equipped with one key return so, with a slight push of the button, your quadcopter returns back to you. The E010 comes with excellent features, considering it has a very affordable price.

Posted by Sylvia Sullivan