Essential Tips for Choosing Your Southwestern Rug

One of the mistakes that consumers make during the selection of an area rug is that they acquire rugs that are smaller than where they want it placed. It is important that the area in which the rug is needed is properly measured. You will find that rugs come in standard sizes, and the best means with which you can know the rug size that suits your room is by using masking tape or painters and using your eyes as a guide in marking the floor in establishing how big or small the particular area is. If perchance you have a space that is larger than the standard size, you may want to consider making a custom order for the particular size. I found my Southwestern rug here, and we most definitely appreciate custom rug orders.

For a family room, it is recommended that you make use of a rug with the right width and length of your furniture grouping.

For the dining room, it is best you settle for an area rug that is the size of 2 feet outside of the chairs of the dining room, thus allowing the chair to slide in and out easily. If you want to choose the right colour of an area rug for the dining room, it is advised that you use a coordinating rug pattern and colour that match with the colour and pattern of the living room, even though a wall may separate them. This is important because it will assist in creating some sort of flow.

For the bedroom, get an area rug that is a lot larger than the foot of the bed width. This is important because on the sides of the bed it allows about 3 feet to pamper cold toes in the early hours of the day.

It is without a doubt that the lights mostly modify the colour tones of the area rug you find in showrooms. If you are interested in patronizing a store for area rugs, ask the clerk to get it down on the floor before you make payments. You will observe that there is a drastic change in hue colour hues while it is under the showroom or store lighting.

Choosing a living room rug based on your budget

Regarding investment, do you think a machine-made area rug a lot more expensive than a hand-knotted rug? Rugs, just like other products, are offered at different prices, so this shouldn’t scare you.

Similar to all other items you find in houses, the quality determines a lot about the price. A hand-knotted rug charges you for the quality, care, and craftsmanship

When a change isn’t as good as a rest

It can be very stressful to change the rug in your living room regularly. This is because you have chosen an area rug and that your furnishings are done around it, and there is the chance that you have chosen the chairs that suit the colour and pattern.

There is every chance that you used one of the colours to influence the colours you used for your wallpapers and paints. At this juncture, you have committed so much into this area rug, and you can change it or anything for now. There is every chance you will not be happy if the rug is incapable of taking the strain of everyday living.

Posted by Sylvia Sullivan