How to Regrow Thinning Hair: What You Need To Know

One of the common signs of hair loss is receding hairlines. This is one of the hardest things that you may be faced with and to get rid of. This is true only if you are making use of the wrong method and the wrong procedures. If perchance you are among the percentage of individuals that have used or you are using some products to regrow thinning hair, you will observe that it is very much effective at the crown areas but not for the hairline.

You will most definitely find many hair loss conditions among many women and many men; you will further observe that your hair loss issue is not in any way unique. This will keep you rest assured that there is actually somebody somewhere that is facing similar issues just like you.

If one of the issues that you are facing is a receding hairline, what exactly can do about it? You can simply adopt natural techniques that a large portion of the demographics is not willing to adopt; perhaps it is only right to say that they are not aware of it.

One of the big players in receding hairlines is the circulation of blood. All regions of your scalp get enough flow of blood except the front regions. This implies that there will not be sufficient flow of blood in that particular region, but by using essential oils like coconut, almond, and jojoba with some sort of massage in that area, you will stimulate the follicle and in no time, you will observe hair growth.

We all have glamorous hair when we are still young but as we age, thinning of hair is one of the worst problem faced by few. Among this group who suffer hair loss is Alice.

“I once had a beautiful volume of hair that I am proud of. But due to stress and constant use of hair coloring dye on my hair, I noticed that my hair is getting thinner. Unlike many others who swallowed up by depression, I look for natural ways to regain back the beauty of my hair,” Alice said.

The stress and persistence use of beauty products for hair like hair dye are two big contributing factor that makes Alice’s hair thin. However, she resolved this issue naturally; let us check out her advice to others with the following steps she took to regrow her hair back.

  1. Start Giving Your Head And Scalp A Good Massage

The head and scalp massage had become a part of her ritual. Using oil that proven good for hair like primrose, olive, or coconut she uses it to massage on her scalp and head to promote good circulation of blood and relieves stress and toxins.

  1. A Good Rinse Of Herbal On Hair

After you shampoo your hair you can rinse it with water infused with some herbal like amla or chamomile. It works to follow up the work done on your head and scalp, nourishing it more to give the luster back.

  1. Don’t Use Conditioner

Chemicals used in the hair conditioner are one that can fall out your hair, so stay out of it. You can use butter as a conditioner for your hair and avoid frizz and flyaway. Put little amount on your palm and apply on damp hair. Don’t put it near your scalp; target more the tip and the length of hair where you can nourish it to avoid split ends.

  1. Stay Away From Narrow Tooth Comb

Narrow tooth comb may pull weak-rooted hair. Avoid the use of plastic hair comb too. It is usually sharp that can strike on your scalp. We are still nourishing it so you can use the wooden wide comb which is gentler on your hair and scalp.

  1. Eat Foods That Nourishes Hair and Promote Hair Growth

Examples of the food that contains a good amount of nutrients for hair and scalp is the omega 3 oil that mostly can get from fish. You can also take a daily dose of flaxseed that is full-pack with magnesium and calcium. It is also a good source of Vit. B and amino acids that strengthen the hair.

  1. Don’t Forget To Exercise

Sweating off is one way to remove clogs from the hair follicles. When your scalp excretes sweat it will remove the grease and dead cells giving more space for hair to regrow on your scalp.

  1. Don’t Ponytail Or Braid Your Hair

For women, you should stop tying your hair where you put on too much strain on the roots. If you are doing it to feel fresher, refrain so as this practice pulls your hair from the scalp. If the hair is not healthy it will easily be pulled off, you will lose more hair in the long run.

  1. Avoid Synthetic Hair Coloring Dyes

For some people who use to dye their hair to keep looking younger, you should not use synthetic coloring dyes. Henna is a good alternative if you don’t like gray hair showing.

  1. Don’t Forget To Eat More Fruits And Vegetables

The fruits and vegetables are a good source of iron, biotin, zinc, Vit. C, E, and E that are necessary to encourage new hair to grow on your scalp. If we supply our scalp with the nutrients it needs to restore its former state and beauty, we get a better result.

10 Indulge In Essential And Herbal Oils

In some culture where the use of herbal oils for hair is part of their daily hair care, there is a significantly less rate of people who suffer from hair loss. You can try to use marigold oil, lavender oil, or hibiscus oil. It has antioxidant and antifungal properties that go down to your scalp and keep you away from dandruff.

  1. Don’t Use Heat Producing Device On Hair

Any device that produces heat touch on your hair can greatly damage your hair. It makes it dry and more prone to breakage. Example of these devices are blowers, perming device or straightener

  1. Stay Positive In Life

Adult life may have too many reasons to get stress and frustrated, this can not only make you look older, it can also increase your chances to suffer more hair loss. If you think the situation is so stressful, take a break. Don’t take stress too much for longer as it may bring more trouble not only for your hair’s beauty but to your health as well.

Lastly, keep the patience intact. Going for a natural solution to regrow your thinning hair will take months. It needs consistent routine so be realistic when you feel slight frustration in not seeing the fast result of your effort.

Posted by Sylvia Sullivan