If you’re out traveling as a DJ, rest assured that you won’t lose your cell phone thanks to Handynummern Orten

Make no mistake about it if you are a keyboard artist, you are probably going to get invited to a lot of parties. Now, don’t get too excited. Most of the time you will be invited as a DJ.

Here’s the thing. There are a lot of people putting up all sorts of home parties. These are improvised parties that people weren’t really planning, but they kind of put it up as some sort of afterthought. Maybe people got carried away. Perhaps they took the wrong substances, and they started thinking that they should have some sort of backdoor electronic dance party.

Whatever the case may be people quickly realized, regardless of whatever influence they are on, that they do not have enough money to hire a professional DJ. So, what do you think they do? That’s right! They automatically assume that since you know your way around a keyboard that you’re the next best thing.

Well, the good news is that if you know your way around keyboards, you probably know enough to mix some prerecorded music. I know a lot of expert DJs who started out this way. They weren’t really thinking about becoming DJs but they got invited so many times to become backup DJs because they can play the keyboard that they decided to spend a tremendous amount of time, effort and focus on stepping up their DJ skills.

Whatever the case may be if you get invited as a DJ, please understand that there’s a high chance you will lose your cell phone. Now, you know and I know how important your cell phone is. There are all sorts of memories there. There are all sorts of precious snapshots, videos and other data in your cell phone.

If you are like most American consumers, it’s also likely true that you did not back up your stuff. Your cell phone, for all intents and purposes, it’s the vault of all your family memories. This is the kind of thing that you should guard with your life.

Unfortunately, your cell phone is precisely the kind of thing that’s in danger when you find yourself at a party.

Rave parties are not typical parties. People aren’t polite. People don’t stick to their designated area. There are all sorts of people moving all over the place. It can get quite chaotic very quickly.

Given how out of hand things can get, it is no surprise that people lose all sorts of stuff there. I’m talking about wallets, car keys and, yes, cell phones.

So do yourself a big favor. Install Handynummern Orten app on your cell phone. Do this the first thing right after you get your cell phone. You will only thank yourself for it later because this handy app communicates with a central server every single moment. The reason it does is it creates a snapshot as to where it is at any point in time.

You can then, in the event that your phone goes missing or is downright stolen, recreate the locations of your phone. This is very important because if you are in some sort of rave or impromptu party, you can at least get the peace of mind that you know that you lost it there. You can then call the organizers. You can shake people’s cages as far as insisting on getting your phone back. In other words, you can make a raucous.

Don’t take this lying down. Don’t think that just because they paid you or they owed you a favor that you should let this slide. After all, your cell phone is the home of all your pleasant memories with your friends and family members. Insist on getting it back. Thanks to the Handynummern Orten app, this is much easier than before.

Keep in mind that you’re going to be in a race against time because your phone will only be pinging after a certain point because at that point, your battery drains out.

Posted by Sylvia Sullivan