Outdoor DJ performances are so much more comfortable and safer thanks to plastic decking boards

I remember the first time I went to a DJ party. As a keyboard artist, I was just enjoying the view and I was quite amazed at how intoxicated people got. The longer the music played, the wilder the behavior.

So, I was just there nursing my beer bottle, just enjoying the view until my buddy who was the featured DJ of the night motioned to me. He said, “Take over.” I did not know the first thing about DJ-ing, but it didn’t really matter to my buddy. He was really sick, and he needed somebody to cover. Talk about an emergency.

So, I was basically able to skate by pretending that the mixing board was my keyboard, and I basically just needed to a swap out at certain notes different music. I guess it was passable because the switch happened around the final fifth of the night. By that point, people were either too sleepy too drugged out or too tired to really care about the music. I knew that there were some rough transitions, but I did not get enough angry looks for me to care.

Still, what really got my attention near the end of the performance was when somebody slipped on the floor. It was not a pretty sight. This guy was pretty top heavy, and he almost broke his skull and, believe me, after drinking a few beers, I was enjoying a nice buzz but my buzz vaporized at that point. I was completely sober after seeing that. No amount of alcohol would make me drunk or tipsy again.

It really stuck with me because this guy had to be hauled out of there all seemingly three hundred pounds of him on a stretcher. That’s some serious injury, and it highlighted to me that if you’re going to hold some sort of outdoor festival or even indoor dance party, you have to pay attention to the flooring. You have to make sure that people won’t slip. You have to make sure that people are not going to meet with all sorts of accidents.

That was a really sobering accident because this guy hit his head hard against the shiny concrete floor. It’s as if somebody dropped a very ripe watermelon onto the floor from about five feet up. Not a really good look.

What this really taught was if I were going to organize such a party, I would invest in plastic decking boards. These go a long way in providing enough traction so that people won’t slip and hurt themselves.

I still wonder what happened to the party organizers because I am sure that the hospital bill of that victim was going to be sky-high. So, do yourself a big favor. If you’re thinking of organizing an outdoor party, invest in plastic decking boards.

Posted by Sylvia Sullivan