Rivercove Residences Showflat: Why You Should Get One Today

Executive Condo is another name for economical accommodation. Executive condominiums are built and with all the basic amenities, that anyone would require. They are also rigged with all the entertainment anyone would desire. If perchance, you would love to own a property in Singapore, then opting for the Rivercore residences showflat is a great choice to make. One of the most exciting the most interesting things about the Executive condominium is that they are spacious and they are economical. It is recommended that you invest in an executive condominium that is well furnished, just so that you can experience luxury at a very affordable rate.

It is without doubt very expensive for you to buy any property in Singapore, this is one of the reasons why Executive condominiums are now one of the big players in terms of accommodation and they are a great investment option. The various facilities that executive condominiums offer include a clubhouse, swimming pools, playground and much more facilities.

Below are some of the benefits of buying an EC;

Lucrative investment

It is without a doubt that investment in property tends to bring profit and various benefits in the nearest future. Investing in Executive condominiums is very much profitable, firstly you will own a luxurious property at a cheap price and you will get all the luxury that comes with such a property for cheap.

Own property

In addition, you will be the proud owner of a well-furnished Executive condominium in nowhere but the beautiful city of Singapore. If perchance when you looked up listings and they are exceeding your budget, you can consider Executive condominiums because there is an option for every budget.

Luxurious Amenities Advantage

Even if one needs to pay an amount for maintenance–this comes in form of condo unit association fee, this is still cheaper rather than the budget you have to set aside if you own a land house. Perks of all, you can get access to its facilities and other amenities within the building. Since all expense is being divided among the unit owners, one will be paying less for the maintenance plus you are ensured that all the time if there is damage that needs to be fixed, it will be done fast and quick.

High Resale Demand And Value

Young professionals in the state are more enticing to have a condo unit in Rivercove Residence because it has a competitive market value. Meaning, you can resell it after some time to a higher price if you wanted to shift to much larger space or go out of the country.

It Can Be Rented Out

With the growing demand for a decent place, it is difficult to get a suitable place where is the safety is the topmost priority. Renting an apartment can also be unwise so many would prefer to rent a condo unit–we are saying this to emphasize the great demand of people to rent a flat unit, so if you let others rent your flat, you won’t have a difficult time to get good paying renter. If you do not want to resell it, you can collect some money if you let others rent it.

Ownership Is Transferable

Transferring the ownership of the unit is super easy too. When you think you need to sell it, transferring process to the next owner is less headache and hassle although in Singapore there are rules to be followed when it comes to reselling the unit.

Lesser Demand In The Initial Investment

Buying a flat in Rivercove Residence needs minimal amount compared when you buy other types of real estate properties. If you had just started earning your first job, then it is more practical to get a unit in Rivercove Residence since you can save on smaller downpayment –it is more affordable!

Ideal For Business

Are you thinking of going to meet more client, then it is best to have a unit in Rivercove Residence where the density of population is in the city, you can easily meet them without long-distance travel.

The value of the property you get is higher. It will also allow you to save more of your income since the utility and another maintenance factor in the building is no longer your responsibility. It is ideal for single who are working, or for a small family consisting of one or two kids. Many experts in real estate properties would likely to advise you to get a flat in Rivercove Residence rather than rent an apartment. In Singapore, where the rent of apartment has no big difference to the mortgage one shall pay when they own a unit, it is just smart to get a flat unit.

Posted by Sylvia Sullivan