Shipping From China to US: Top Things to Consider

Just as importer knows, there are different factors to consider when they are looking to source goods from China. When it all falls down to shipping from China to US, you would desire your cargo to be delivered safe and secure, with the competitive cost for freight.

The best delivery option is chosen depending solely on your unique circumstance, be actually hope that the contents below will provide you with excellent ideas about what needs to be considered when you want to get your goods

Shipping Method

Most businesses find that cost is not the only fact that should be considered but it is somewhat the determining and in fact the primary factor. After all, the basic objective of going into business is to make profits and it is evident with the decisions made along the way. There are different methods of logistics that can make a difference in the freight charge and the transit time. It is without a doubt that we need to determine which of the method will end up being cost-effective.

This means regular, normal Hong Kong Post or China Post, which could take up to about 14 days before arrival. If perchance you can wait, you will find that this is the cheapest option for small parcels like samples. You may be provided with the necessary information to trace and track the package on the internet. The online disadvantage is that the information is not updated on time. This means of shipping goods is the most economical.

As a supplier, it is your responsibility to complete your order and ensure that it complies with the shipping standard practices. In addition, complete all the necessary paperwork for the quick delivery of your consignment. Conversely, the buyer has to ensure that the packages meet the safety standards as well as the U. S. regulations. This includes payment of taxes, tariffs, and other requisite duties and for the approval of U. S custom agents.

If you get the right trading agent, he/she can assist you as you learn the basics of importing your goods from China to your homeland. However, we have two kinds of import provisos that you must know: Harmonized and the Incoterm Tariff Schedule originating from the International Trade Commission of U. S. The Harmonized Code system is regarded as the universal classification data that gives specific codes for all products that are brought into the country. The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is the agency responsible for this process in the United States. Before buying a product, you must be aware of the tariff rate for importing the item into the country.

The International Chamber of Commerce founded the International Commercial Terms (Incoterms) to design a standard way of identifying the exact time when the ownership of goods has been passed to the importing party. Established in the 1930s, the whole terms cover the entire length of the process and are updated periodically when necessary. To get more information about Incoterms, visit the International Chamber of Commerce’s website,

There are numerous eBay profitable products that can be imported directly from China. If you want to make a profitable business, all that is required of you is to source Chinese products on eBay and focus on niche market products and creative customization to make it attractive for your target audience.

Posted by Sylvia Sullivan