The Steamer Bag: A Brief History of Louis Vuitton Handbags

A small bag which is called the steamer bag was manufactured in 1901 and then in 1930, LV produced another beautiful yet timeless ‘Louis Vuitton handbag’. LV began to design luxurious luggage and several buyers were astonished by this high-quality products. Devotion to quality and basics is the major factor for the brand image that widely known all around the world. When the previous designer Louis Vuitton expired in 1892, then his son Georges got completely devoted to taking over the organization. This is the exact year that Louis Vuitton handbags was introduced.

So as to guide against knockoffs and imitation, the logo was added and placed on all LV handbag. This design established and known and the logo shoots the brand so high so a very popular status. The logo is an LV stamp in chestnut and beige color. LV shops were created all over the world in fashion cities like Paris, New York, London and Washington.

Louis Vuitton is devoted to quality and unique design. There is recent introduction with several varieties in the handbag. Lover of this brand always wait for the latest selection of the handbag and the company as well makes sure that they do not disappoint their customer.

Usually, these designer handbags sometimes are the favorite topic of fashionistas con trippers. As we all knew, Louis Vuitton bags are costly, one that can afford is surely the one who got a successful career or from a well-off family. Just imagine, most Louis Vuitton handbags cost from 3, 000 euros more or less. The amount is incredibly high when you try to convert it to other currencies especially in third world countries. Maybe you can already by a brand new condominium unit with that money or buy a car. Imagine how far the money you can spend on Louis Vuitton handbags if you put it up for small business, but do you know there is secret on how one can afford to buy Louis Vuitton handbags? Yes, some of Louis Vuitton owners go for discount sale for authentic Louis Vuitton bag online.

However, it is also true that not all who owns Louis Vuitton handbags carrying the genuine Louis Vuitton. Some are Class A, a fake version in which almost looking like the original and authentic Louis Vuitton handbag. Here are some tips that allow you to get authentic Louis Vuitton cheaper.

  1. The stretch and lining of the bag are neat and clean. There is no defect like patching and it carries similar pattern on each side. Louis Vuitton makers are super particular about the quality of their handbags and because of that, they are considered the bags for the elite.
  2. Check the information about the seller, trust only those that are already in the market for long. Meaning you have to check out if they already got a past or former customers on their displayed items. If not on the discount sale or auction sale, you can browse other handbags and read the reviews from verified buyers. Trust your instinct. When you think the site is vague on giving necessary information such as return policy or terms and conditions, refrain from buying.
  3. Research about the model of handbag you are eyeing. You can find more information if you do your homework. There is a particular sign that makes authentic Louis Vuitton handbags stands out from the fake version such as the logo, the pattern, the tags, and etc.

So, back to the favorite topic of fashions’, it all summed up that if you spot student carrying Louis Vuitton handbags, then it is one hundred percent fake version. Only aged women or the one who retired with good income can afford to buy Louis Vuitton handbags. Another way to spot if the Louis Vuitton she’s carrying is not genuine is when it comes to plastic wrap on the handle. Some carriers do not remove it.

Indeed, when one owned Louis Vuitton handbags it added more confidence in them. Being part of elite groups who can afford to buy real Louis Vuitton handbags are possible only if you have a good paying job, however, with the discount sale on the internet, you can possibly get authentic Louis Vuitton handbags at a cheaper price.

Posted by Sylvia Sullivan