Up-and-coming keyboard artists look really awesome with solar eclipse glasses

If you are an up-and-coming keyboard artist, you probably already know that there are so many opened coming artists out there that you are caught in some sort of dog-eat-dog, survival-of-the-fittest type of game. I know this is not quite exactly like the Hunger Games but, let’s face it, it’s every person for himself or herself.

Think of it like the musical version of a typical Fortnite game. There will only be one winner. Everybody else will end up crashing and burning. Everybody else will have to basically bury their artistic dreams of success goodbye because there’s only one space for winners.

I know that’s kind of depressing. It definitely does sound discouraging, but it is a wake-up call. If you are a keyboard artist, and you really want to make a living off your music, you have to step up. You have to roll up your sleeves and put in the work.

Now, this doesn’t just involve putting in hour after hour of intensive keyboard practice. That goes without saying. Anybody who claims to be some sort of artist has to put in the time, effort and energy as well as emotional intensity to perfect their craft. That should be an assumption. That should be implied. I’m not talking about that.

Instead, I’m talking about stuff other activities that would make you stand out from the competition. For example, pay attention to your look. If you are already performing in public, you have to understand that regardless of how good you think you are, as far as the public is concerned, you are yet another face in the crowd. That’s really all you are, and until and unless you break out of the crowd, people are going to view your music unfairly or fairly as yet another form of creative commodity.

In other words, just like you would pick a tomato at a grocery stored in the same way as you would pick any other tomato at other grocery stores, people really can’t see the difference. They feel that whatever they can get from you, they can get from a thousand other places. So, in their minds, “What makes you so special? Why should they listen to you?”

This is why you need to buy the right solar eclipse glasses. These glasses are so dark, so powerful that you can use them to look at the sun during a solar eclipse. That’s how well they block out the light.

Since they’re so dark, people can’t help but stop. People can’t help but pay attention to you and, hopefully, they can open their ears to the great keyboard music that you’re playing. That’s how you get a competitive advantage. That’s how you come across. Do you where I’m coming from?

Otherwise, enjoy your time being another anonymous two-bit player playing keyboard music in the background because, let’s face it, history is full of the carcasses of failed artists. Don’t be one of them.


Posted by Sylvia Sullivan