Video Games

It is worth mentioning some of the most important video games releases, that Keyboards on Fire has created in the last years. Some of them are for a great success, while others, due to various reasons, didn’t got the impact expected.

Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero has been for many years one of the most played video game by all music industry fans from all around the world. Concealed and founded inside this awesome community, this game has rapidly become the number 1 in all video games ranks due to the high number of songs projected inside of it and due to the extremely advanced graphics created in the game.

The user experience of it has reached such a high level, that the community was required to create and sold electric guitars, able to be connected to the video game, in order to increase the overall reception of the public audience.

Thousands of positive reviews have reached asking the community’s members to pursue with the next version and being thankful about the wonderful game released.

Rock Band Series

Another highly played video game is Rock Band Series. This game, created and developed by the worldwide known software company Harmonix Music System was first reviewed inside the Keyboards on Fire community. The fact due to which this game was analyzed inside this society is that the entire board of directors of the manufacturer company are members of

Due to the high reputation that this community has been created, their remarks about the game and the proposed improvements have been quickly put in practice and all the changes to the original version have been approved to be done.

This aspect is another reason why Keyboards on Fire community is one of the most professional and serious music industry online community, and thousands of people are following their activity, proposing and continuously coming with revolutionary ideas that might some days affect all the artists on the planet.