Who Are We

Keyboard on Fire is a young and eager to develop community that aims to promote young artists work inside video games and creates and releases Frets on Fire type of games to the wide public audience.

The importance of this community relies in the ability of creating high resolution and various kinds of games that have the capacity of increasing the player’s musician abilities and consolidates their knowledge in terms of artistic meaning.

State of the Art Releases

During its existence, many top rated games has been release by this community, games that are worth to be mentioned and which serve as an overall point of interest to any video games manufacturer nowadays. Due to their high Internet popularity, the success of each released game is guaranteed and a considerable income is pursued within.

A very important consequence of their worldwide recognition is the tons of reviews received by users from all around the world. Both positive and negative constructive reviews received, serve as a major aspect in creating and consolidating the video game’s next version and updates.

The resulted income is partially held by the application manufacturer, as a considerably amount of money is invested in its development, due to the fact that only senior programmers are hired within the company and only highly skilled designers are allowed to make changes on the current game version. This fact is a must within the community, in order to assure a high level of the user’s experience and in order to keep their reputation as a professional game release center.

Independent Artists Promotion

The second most important principle of the company relies in the desire of promoting the work of young, and eager to learn, artists, in order to bring them fame and increase their popularity level.

Due to the worldwide recognition of the released games, hundreds of young artist’s requests are received, by the Keyboards on Fire office, to promote their work inside the famous video games. As their high number, a consistent selection process has been created, equilibrated in order to make no discrimination.

As for the community’s motto, only the high value work is accepted to be inserted on the sequel of the games. In order to make a classification of each artist’s value, they are all gathered together in a special performance session, and a committee of professional artists are selecting the best one from all.

The winner of the selection progress will have his best work promoted inside the next released games and his contract will be signed on a 2 years’ period of time. During this period, if new high quality songs are created by the young artist, his work is first to be reviewed, in orderto be released in the new on the market video game.