Young Artists

In the list of promoted young artists can be found a lot of worldwide known music interprets and famous celebrities, that have started right here, from this intermediate community.

Avatar Band

Maybe you have heard about the Avatar music band, a Swedish metal formation which delights the public audience souls with high quality music. Formed in 2001 by John Alfredsson and Jonas Jarlsby, this fantastic band has won Keyboards on Fire first selection program and got their song, My Shining Star promoted inside the Guitar Hero game.

Due to the high reputation of the video game and the high downloads that Guitar Hero has faced, Avatar has very quickly become a worldwide known formation and many concerts organizers have started to invite them in order to play in the intro section.

It can be said that has really changed their life and even nowadays, their contract with the famous online community is up and running. Songs like Vultures Fly and New Land are continuously promoted and highly appreciated inside the released video games.


Maybe the hugest celebrity leap made by a young independent artistic band has been made by Disturbed. Created in Chicago, Illinois, this nowadays famous band has gathered the first straight 10 in the history of Keyboards on Fire artist’s selection.

Their performance was so great and flawless that it has impressed even the members of the official committee. Dan, Mike, David and John are, today, members in one of the biggest rock band in the world and their fans raise up to more than 50 million people. Annually concerts are held in countries from all around the world and people love to sing their songs along with the live performance of the band.

One of the main factor that stood at their celebrity leap was the intense promotion of their music inside all released video games. Rated to be performed only by players which reach the last game level, their songs were considered the best from the entire game by various players, and tons of reviews were received by the community in order to continue with their music insertion in the versions that follows to be set.

Leonard Cohen

Believe it or not, one of the most promoted and encouraged artists by the Keyboards on Fire community is Leonard Cohen. Hiswork and albums were highly promoted inside the released video games, due to its already established popularity and the high frequency rhythm of its music.

Over the last Guitar Hero releases, many requests have arrived at the webpage to pursue the insertion of more songs into the video game, songs that can be found on the latest album of the famous singer, You Want It Darker.

Nowadays, most of his state-of-the-art works are being listened and played worldwide due to the intense promotion of his songs inside the Keyboards on Fire video games. Also, facts and information about his life and carrier is shared within the hot news of the community and all users that downloaded and installed the mobile application of this community or subscribed to its newsletter can read about Leonard Cohen.