Your keyboard music studio does not need to have extremely cold water thanks to an Eco Smart tankless water heater system

I remember the first time I learned to play keyboards, I took lessons with this keyboard expert. I think the word “expert” doesn’t really do him justice. This guy just knows the ins and outs of keyboard music. It seems like this person ate, slept and lived keyboard music. To say that this person is like the Leonardo da Vinci or Michelangelo of keyboard music would be an understatement. He was so much more.

In fact, this person was so hardcore that the only place I can take lessons from him was at a music studio where he was doing recordings as well as instructing other students. I didn’t mind getting from my part of town to where he was, but what I did mind was the facilities.

This music studio obviously had the right digital recording capabilities. No complaints there. I mean, everything was in the right place. All their recording equipment was there. The recording booth was properly soundproofed. All the musicians who I spoke with who hung out at that place only had praise for the recording quality of the study.

However, the problem is there was an eight-hundred pound elephant in the room. Everybody knew the problem, but nobody had the guts to call it out. Nobody had the nerve to point out the obvious. The obvious was staying in that place was a living hell.

Now, I probably would not have minded if my keyboard coach was teaching me in the middle of summer. However, we were there in the middle of the winter, and last time I checked people would want nice, warm water from the tap. I don’t know. Maybe that’s just me. Perhaps that’s just peculiar to me.

Whenever I turned the tap, regardless of the heat setting, it was really, really cold. Talk about inconvenience! When I was washing my face, I felt like I was melting ice cubes all over my face. It was that cold. In fact, my skin would clam up because of the intense cold of the water.

This was no joke! It really got in the way of my ability to learn because I was taking these keyboard music lessons, but all I could think about was the extreme called coldness of the water.

This could have been easily fixed. Seriously. In hindsight, the music studio owner should have just put in the right Eco Smart tankless water heater units and called it a day. Really. It’s that basic.

So, do yourself a big favor. If you have any kind of facility or you either own it or your manage it or you have some sort of say in how a facility is run, one insist on the property tankless water heater system. It definitely goes a long away in ensuring that everybody who visits that facility has a good time.

Posted by Sylvia Sullivan